Join any frame profile with one MasterClamp v5-Pro

MasterClamps 2020 - The Next Generation All Frame Clamp 

Picture Framers have longed for an ideal framing clamp, suitable for joining various picture frame profiles. Join us today as we present this revolutionary framing clamp V5-Pro.

MasterClamp latest technology enable to join shadow-box frames, canvas-floaters, tall mouldings, and ordinary picture frames, (as shown in the video on right).

MasterClamp 2020 -New functions

  1. Horizontal angle adjustment - easy to adjust and bring the miter cuts to full contact thus avoid any joining gaps.
  2. Vertical angle adjustment - high fence  tightens the corner joint from top, all the way to the bottom.
  3. Fence stabilizer, should always be in locked position except when adjusting the horizontal angle)., However sometimes (not often) when keeping it in the open position may improve joint, (experiment).

Enjoy watching the video: How to join any picture frame profile with one MasterClamp. Made in the USA, aircraft aluminum and professional grade stainless steel. MasterClamp products exceeds industrial quality standards.

v5-Pro shadow-box/floater,allprofiles

v5-Pro shadow-box/floater,allprofiles
was: $798.00
order online or call: 917-520-7370
For joining shadow box, floaters 3.5"
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framing clamp all profiles v5-Pro

V5-Pro joins shadowbox, floater frames (as well as other profiles)

framing clamp all profiles v5-Pro

v5-Pro clamp (front view)

v5-Pro 2020 (new edition)

v5-Pro seamless joints technique - May 2020 full demo

how to join various profiles with v5-Pro/2018

introducing v5-Pro 2019 (new edition)

join shadowbox moulding

join Canvas Floater

2020 V5-Pro / Development

The Next Generation Framing Clamp

A great framing clamp can spark creativity and  ...

Joining a floater frame or shadowbox moulding may become a challenge at times, It is important to get good clamps for the Job. MasterClamp is easy to operate and quick to adjust. It works flawlessly and with high precision. V5-Pro was developed of its predecessor v5-qrs. It is packed with smart features designed to inspire, some call it " The framers dream clamp", as a picture framer I couldn't agree more. The joining method was upgraded to reflect the new technical improvements. Many thanks to our customers in the US and Canada, Australia and Iceland for loyalty, trust and support of MasterClamp, since 1999. Many thanks to our dedicated team who worked diligently to complete this development. v5-Pro special edition is available now for purchase.