how many clamps needed to join a frame?

1-4 clamps can be used (consider 20 minuted for the glue to dry.)

It is recommended (obviously) to use 4 clamps around a picture frame to save time, keep precision, stability, even distribution of clamping pressure, alignment bonding etc.). and more in details below:

  • to guarantee a leveled frame structure avoid any gaps and get strong bonding. 
  • handle angle differences, provide even clamping pressure to all 4 corners
  • leave full control in framers hands
  • avoids gaps to appear in the last (or any) corner
  • saves time thus money and provide high-end product

Some framers buy a set of 4 clamps, other buy one or two clamps to get familiar/experiment with MasterClamp mechanism, technique, handling, performance, efficiency, precision and quality. Based on test results of end product they would typically go on to get a complete set of 4 clamps (for obvious reasons) MasterClamp provide the  world's best framing clamps and clamping experience. 


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