v5-Pro shadow-box/floater,allprofiles

v5-Pro shadow-box/floater,allprofiles

2019 model - 50% off (limited offer)
order online or call: 917-520-7370
lifetime warranty, 45 days trial

  • Was: $798.00
  • Sell price: $399.00   

V5-Pro shadowbox, floaters, all profiles - professional

  • joins hardwood frames, floaters, shadowbox, all profile, eliminate any gap
  • 3" high fence to support deep mouldings/ from the bottom to top of frame
  • adjustable 90 degrees horizontal angle,  
  • Manuel or Auto adjust vertical angle - always optimizes the joint!
  • Join any frame profile to perfection, zero gaps
  • Quick to adjust and join any frame, (universal kind)
  • Masters the art of joining picture frames  
  • The ultimate frame joining system (ever) 2019 First Edition 

v5-Pro shadow-box/floater,allprofiles

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