January 18, 2020

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User Instructions v5-Pro 2020


Note: The MasterClamp joining concept is very simple, straightforward and self-explanatory, however, 

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v5-Pro - quick reference guide 

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 V5-Pro (quick reference guide)


 Instructions v5-Pro


1.     To enable horizontal angle adjustment unlock (counter clock) Gap finder (black thumbnut on top of right fence)

2.     Place frame in clamp (with no glue yet), adjust horizontal-angle (gears on right fence) then tighten clamp to test the joint.

3.     Adjust clamp angle until miter-cuts in full contact (two gear wheels) Verify miter cuts are in full contact (or optimized contact)

4.     To close gap at the top of frame joint, use the black wing nuts (not too much, be gentle), this will elevate pressure to the top of the joint, ensures gapless   joint and strong bonding.

5.     Lock the gap-finder, (turn clockwise) 

6.     Test again the joint and readjust if need

7.     Apply glue and tighten clamp handle to join final.

8.     Allow 15-25 minutes for glue to dry before removing clamp.

9.      Voila done.

* Gap-Finder 

The Gap-Finder™ - Black thumbnut on top of right fence should always be in locked position except when you need to adjust clamp horizontal angle, (the gears on right fence), lock it back after adjusting horizontal angle,

for help or assistance feel free to call 

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Joining with four v5-Pro /May 2019

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for Shadowbox, canvas-floaters and ordinary moldings