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V8-QRA - wide framing clamp 6.5" opening

V8-QRA is a picture framing clamp designed to join wide frames up to 6.5 inch. The clamp is built strong to withstand heavy-duty applications, it works with great accuracy. Features include: angle adjustment function, high clamping pressure control and powerful rounded jaws. MasterClamp offer Free Trial our return policy carries no time limit, comes with lifetime warranty.   

Special features and controls were built into the framing clamp for quality control and fine adjustment. Our experience shows that while using V8-QRA to join wide frames enabled us to complete the frame joining job efficiently and with more accuracy.

Features include:

  • Angle Adjustment - The two wheels mounted onto the right fence were designed to adjust the clamp angle to match with the miter cuts. Thus eliminate joining gaps and get a strong joint.
  • Quick Release - (at the back of the clamp) enables to quickly change of the clamp opening before placing the picture frame.
  • Clamp Handle - as turned clockwise it will increase the clamping pressure as needed for a strong joint. (up to 1000 lb/sq in)
  • Spring Jaws - (front of the clamp) delivers a powerful action "push and tighten" to help create a strong bond and a tight joint.

V8-QRA wide framing clamp - MasterClamp

V8-QRA wide framing clamp - MasterClamp
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For joining wide picture frames up to 6.5"
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  • framing clamp wide profiles v8-qra 6.5 inch opening

    V5-QRA (wide, stronger) joins all frames

  • framing clamp wide profiles v8-qra 6.5 inch opening, (rear view)

    V5-QRA (6.5" opening) joins wide frames

  • The industry standard for picture Framing Clamps delivers a new picture framing clamp for joining wide frames and is packed with advanced features designed to inspire.

    How to join a wide picture frame with Master-Clamp V8-QRA

    video of V8-QRA framing clamp features

    MasterClamp frame joining concept


    About V8-QRA clamp and wide frames

    Joining wide frames requires precision in cutting and joining the frame. For the best results: use the angle adjustment feature as necessary.
    The framing clamp features make it easy for picture framers to be in control even with wood imperfection and while joining any type of picture frame mouldings. MasterClamp give picture framers the best tools to join Frames  to perform frame Restoration.

    The only reliable framing clamps for wide frames, are made by MasterClamp.

    V8-QRA was designed as a single handed framing clamp to enable the free hand to align the frame while clamping.

    MasterClamp v8-qra is manufactured in the US with the highest quality materials. Made of machined steel and aircraft aluminum to guarantee durability and long service life. MasterClamp makes the world's best picture framing clamps.

    Instructions, How to join wide frames with v8-QRA   

    1. Draw the handle backwards and place the frame to fit into the clamp opening.
    2. Adjust the clamp angle to close any gaps (if need).
    3. Coat both miter cuts with glue and align.
    4. Turn the handle clockwise until you achieve some clamping pressure, as necessary.
    5. Wipe off the excess glue.
    6. Allow 15-25 minutes for drying, before removing the picture framing clamps.
    7. Done.